Staff Satisfaction Survey

Staff Satisfaction Surveys

Understand what your people need to be engaged


Staff Satisfaction Surveys

Understand what your people need to be engaged


Improve Your Employee Experience

You most likely survey your people once or twice a year as part of your HR process to determine their overall satisfaction levels about working at your company.

You might outsource this to a third party or use yet another piece of software to get this get done.

Feedo has the capability to administer anonymous staff satisfaction surveys for you that creates stunning visual reports that can split out into company departments or company-wide results.

You can ask all different types of questions including asking for ratings and scores, yes and no answers as well as open questions to receive written feedback.

Easily Create Different Types Of Questions

Your surveys can contain different types of questions
and sections to drill down to exactly what you need


Section: My Manager

My manager communicates with me effectively

My manager treats everyone equally in the team

My manager gives me regular feedback on my performance

My manager praises me when I do my job well

My manager cares about my well-being

I have had a one to one meeting with my manager in the last 30 days


My manager is great at…

My manager needs to improve…

A Quick Overview

Sample Output


You can access all of the output from your employee opinion surveys on an online dashboard or you can download a formal PDF report.

If you’ve set up departments or teams you can easily drill down to that level of detail to compare and contrast results between different areas of the business.

All results will be anonymous.

Click below for an example of the output for a simple employee opinion survey that we have created by way of example.

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We know that this is a topic on your mind!

We can quote you on a “per report” basis if this is a one off requirement.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to Feedo and run as many reports as you like.

Feedo consists of 6 unique modules. If you decide to subscribe to the platform you can run unlimited numbers of 360 and 180 feedback, employee surveys, training needs analysis, culture checks and you can automate your training happy sheets as well.

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Pre-Loaded Employee Opinion Surveys

There are a number of pre-loaded employee opinion surveys within Feedo that you can use as they are or you can amend them.

Alternatively, you can upload up your own employee surveys to use.

You can create your own using our design wizard or you can upload a spreadsheet with the questions on and Feedo will do the rest.

You can create employee surveys in minutes.

How Can Feedo Help You?

Feedo will do the heavy lifting for you. Pay per report or by subscription.
Self-manage your own campaigns or we can manage them for you.

360 Degree Feedback

Gather feedback for your leaders from
their line manager, staff and peers.

180 Degree Feedback

Usually completed by the employee
and their line manager.

Staff Satisfaction

Ideal for staff surveys, company-wide
employee satisfaction. Anonymous.

Training Feedback Forms

No more happy sheets. Completely automated with detailed reporting.

Training Needs Analysis

Gather training requirements with the use of this tool. Identify trends and needs.

Quick Temperature Check

Use this for a quick happy/sad or “how are we?” survey. Gain instant insights.

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