180 Degree Feedback

180 Degree Feedback

Gain valuable insights from the employee’s line manager & the employee


180 Degree Feedback

Gain valuable insights from the employee’s line manager & the employee


Ideal For Appraisals, Reviews & Skills Assessments

180 degree feedback is completed by 2 people – normally the staff member and their line manager.

Two of the most popular uses for 180 degree feedback include measuring leadership development competencies and sales skills (example shown)

180’s are ideal if you don’t think that the organisation is ready for a fully blown 360 degree feedback campaign or if the role means that only the staff member and their line manager can only really provide meaningful and observed feedback on their performance.

With Feedo you can set up your 180 degree feedback campaigns using either the questionnaires that are in the system, by amending them or using your own, customised questionnaires.

Theirs complete flexibility with the system and personalised reporting including department breakdowns if you want to show the results for them as well.

Self-Managed or Fully-Managed

Some of our clients prefer to manage their own campaigns or we can fully manage for you

Extensive Question Library

There are a number of pre-loaded questionnaires within Feedo that you can use as they are or you can amend them.

Alternatively, you can load up your own questionnaires to use.

Our pre-loaded questionnaires include a number of management, leadership, sales and general skills topics.

For each, the person will be asked to complete a self-assessment along with feedback from their own line manager.

Pre-loaded questionnaires include:

• Team leader
• Supervisor
• Middle managers
• Senior managers
• Business development manager
• Telesales roles
• Account management
• Sales management
• Head of sales/Director of sales

Sample 180 Degree Report


Our 180 degree feedback solutions give you complete flexibility over your staff development needs.

It’s ideal for staff appraisals and for identifying development needs.

Feel free to download this sales audit sample report which will illustrate the level of detail that each of your staff will receive.

You’re able to roll up results into an overall report as well as split out reporting into different departments if the needs be.

There’s an interactive and LIVE dashboard with instant results.

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It’s Not Just 180. You Can Get All Of This…

Feedo is a subscription based system. You can choose as many modules as you need.
No report fees and no separate systems. Self managed or we can fully manage.

360 Degree Feedback

Gather feedback for your leaders from
their line manager, staff and peers.

180 Degree Feedback

Usually completed by the employee
and their line manager.

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Ideal for staff surveys, company-wide
employee satisfaction. Anonymous.

Training Feedback Forms

No more happy sheets. Completely automated with detailed reporting.

Training Needs Analysis

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Quick Temperature Check

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