37 Ways To Improve Employee Engagement In The Workplace

37 Ways To Improve Employee Engagement In The Workplace

Finding ways to engage our employees seems to be one of the most important aspects that every company is looking for.

Employee engagement is a very common buzzword.

It basically means what you do as a company so your employees feel emotionally invested in what they do at work.

In return you get better output and a better contribution from your staff.

So how can you create a more emotionally invested member of staff.

Well, it takes a lot of time and effort. Moreover it requires consistency in your approach and by everyone.

There’s no quick fix but by implementing these 37 tips will go a long way towards to helping to improve your employee engagement levels.

1. Don’t put a lid on your people – let them be creative

2. Get to know them better as a person

3. Make time for them

4. Get them involved

5. Ask for their ideas

6. Provide them with the resources they need to do their job properly

7. Inform them of how the company is doing

8. Don’t keep them in the dark

9. Develop their skills, behaviours and abilities

10. Don’t keep checking up on them

11. Allow them to fail with no come back

12. Recognise a job well done

13. Encourage teamwork and team spirit

14. Recruit right in the first place

15. Listen to employee feedback and act on it

16. Keep your promises

17. Be consistent in your approach

18. No favourites

19. Coach your employees, don’t tell

20. Lead them don’t manage them

21. Do as you say, set the example

22. Set clear expectations

23. Give them authority

24. Don’t treat them like children

25. Celebrate wins

26. Show you care

27. Have fun

28. Encourage innovation

29. No such thing as a bad idea

30. Develop careers

31. Offer L&D opportunities

32. Reward fairly and transparently

33. Create an engaging and appealing working environment

34. Get out of their way

35. Promote wellbeing and health

36. Provide your people with “inside” information

37. Demonstrate that you promote from within


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